Yiquan [意拳]

The Art of Mindfull Kinetic Power


Yang Fumai and Martin Godfrey shall be holding a one day seminar in December. Yang has dedicated his life to these arts and in particular Yi Quan, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject. This is a great opportunity to come and train with two people who have trained in Beijing and have over 33 years training each behind them.  

Yiquan Basics Seminar:


10.00 AM TO 5.00 PM, Sunday 5th December 2010


Westoning Village Hall

Church Road


MK45 5JL


97 pounds non academy members
77 pounds academy members

email: Martin Godfrey

Regular Training

Martin Godfrey holds a half day seminar in Westoning UK,  last Saturday in the month:

1.00 TO 5.00 PM

50 pounds non academy members
40 pounds academy members

Contact: PO Box 797
MK45 9AB
07973 510868
email: Martin Godfrey

Further Training to be announced.