Yiquan [意拳]

The Art of Mindfull Kinetic Power

Elements of Yiquan training:

  • Zhan zhuang (站樁) - series of standing meditations, many of which are unique to this style, eg Combat Pile Stance, utilised to develop inner-force or Qi in the body and promote a
    strong connection or root with universal energy. At our seminars, we will practice basic standing and some advanced postures, examining in detail the correct use of body weight and feet, hand, leg, arm, waist, shoulder and back positions.
  • Shui li (試力) - Slow smooth movements, performed standing still, walking or stepping quickly with repetition to test or trial how the inner-force is moving in and outside the body. Training includes, amongst others, the following Inner-forces; Pushing, Lifting, Crushing, Wrapping, Pulling, Extracting, Spiralling, Coiling etc.
  • Moca bu (摩擦步) - Slow stepping movements to practise body movement in the style and further build inner-force including Chicken step, Snake step, and Crane step in fixed stepping and free stepping patterns.
  • Fa li (發力) - To practise in varying forms to discharge energy in a focused manner, once it has been built up in the body. Practised in various directions and different body movements.
  • Shi Sheng (試声) - Vocal exercises to open and relax the chest and body to free blockages
    to allow energy to flow. The deep resonance of Shui sheng, quickly assists to open energy
    pathways in order to absorb more natural Qi, and to be able to discharge (Fa Li) more effectively.
  • Tui shou (推手) - Similar to Tai Ji, but with unique movements to assist both players to
    test discharging, rooting, balance, sensitivity etc. Trained with one and two hands, either standing still, in fixed movement patterns, or completely free movement, forward, back and all sides.
  • San shou/Ji Ji Quan (散手) - Actual sparring practice, with no fixed patterns or drills - demonstrating how the five inner-forces of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth along with animal styles such as Tiger, Monkey, Horse influence Da Cheng Quan Boxing.